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Baltimore Teen Activist makes use of artwork to boost consciousness of local weather change

BALTIMORE (WJZ) – Some experts say the winter storms much of the country saw this year of worsening extremes were due to climate change.

Now a young Baltimore activist is using her voice to raise awareness.

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On her way home from high school two years ago, Nadia Nazar noticed a dead butterfly on the side of the road.

"It was really devastating because it was very cold outside and I saw that this was why it probably passed away," said Nazar.

Nadia Nazar

It affected her so much that she created a painting.

"This picture shows me screaming for justice so that my voice on climate justice will be heard," said Nazar.

The Baltimore County teenager joined forces with other children to create an online community called Zero Hour.

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"We focus on raising awareness, educating and mobilizing young people for climate justice," said Nazar.

Nazar used the platform to gather young people and take part in a climate change march in Washington, DC.

She even had the opportunity to sit next to the internationally recognized Swedish activist Greta Thunberg.

As a freshman, Nazar will also attend Harvard's first climate summit this summer to speak to high schoolers.

Nazar said she hopes she can show other teenagers how important their voices are.

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"I want them to know that it gets difficult sometimes, but the world has to have their ideas, the world has to act because it's such a daunting problem and it comes up so quickly," said Nazar.

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