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Trump and Biden officers knew of high quality management points on the Baltimore plant that ruined 15 million folks – Enterprise Insider India

Politico said senior Trump and Biden officials knew about problems at a vaccine facility in Baltimore.
Trump officials reportedly received a warning report about the facility in June last year and Biden officials later.
The plant contaminated approximately 15 million doses of J & J's vaccine with AstraZeneca in February.

Senior Trump and Biden administration officials knew for months that there were problems with the Baltimore facility botching 15 million doses of Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine, Politico reported.

Quoting two people with direct knowledge of the problem and an internal report, Politico reported that a document was sent to Trump officials working on vaccines in June 2020 detailing issues with the Emergent BioSolutions facility.

The report, produced by a government official, warned that the Emergent BioSolutions facility did not have enough staff to properly oversee vaccine production and that there were problems with recruiting and retaining workers, Politico reported.
The report was later handed over to the Biden administration during the change of presidency, Politico said.

The Emergent BioSolutions facility had unwittingly cross-contaminated approximately 15 million doses of the J&J vaccine with AstraZenecas earlier this year.

The New York Times reported Tuesday that an additional 62 million doses of J & J's vaccine could also be contaminated. If they are contaminated, they cannot be used.


The Associated Press also reported that the factory was previously cited by the Food and Drug Administration for issues like mold and cracked vials.

Insider has approached the White House and Emergent BioSolutions for comment.
The White House, Johnson & Johnson, and the Department of Health and Human Services failed to respond to Politico's requests for comment, and Emergent declined to comment on the outlet.

Emergent BioSolutions previously announced to Insider that its quality control systems "work to detect and isolate batches that for some reason do not meet quality standards."

"Nobody, including Emergent employees, wants to see vaccines that cannot be used," the company said in a statement, adding, "Any allegation that our safety, quality and compliance systems are not working, or that we are Not taking those responsibilities seriously are clearly wrong. "

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