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The indicators level towards an uptick in political violence | COMMENTARY – Baltimore Solar

We are unaware whether anyone is keeping an accurate count of politically motivated criminal behavior stemming from the 2020 election and how it compares to years past, but it feels like an epidemic. We have bemoaned before the general coarsening of political discourse in recent years, the polarization of viewpoints, the tribal behavior that requires the opposition to always be seen as evil and corrupt, and the treatment of facts as irrelevant. And while sophomoric behavior has long been a staple of election season (yard sign theft, for example, is surely as old as the invention of yard signs), this is something different. It’s one thing to counter a neighbor’s Biden-Harris sign with a Trump-Pence sign of one’s own, it’s another to scrawl “JOE AND THE HOE” on a Biden-Harris sign near the intersection of Charles Street and the Baltimore Beltway in Towson, as some vandal recently did.

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