Signing pitchers like Alex Cobb didn't assist the Orioles. It's time they made their very own starters. | ANALYSIS – Baltimore Solar.

Anything that can do without a significant draft capital for pitching, which the pre-Elias Orioles and the Astros Front Office, from which this regime emerged, know all too well, is a risky business. Instead, they invited themselves to later pitchers meeting speed and spin rate criteria to turn the 2019 draft into a flurry of interesting weapons for minors. Draftees like Connor Gillespie, Dan Hammer and Griffin McLarty are just a few in this class that have promises. Commercial acquisitions Zach Peek and Kyle Brnovich came from this design class and were also Orioles targets. Her only 2020 pitcher, Carter Baumler, looked at the part before injuring his elbow at the training camp and needing reconstruction surgery from Tommy John.

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