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Scott, Wright, and Wallace discuss plans on crime discount in Baltimore


Friday, October 30, 2020
William Carter, WBAL NewsRadio 1090 and FM 101.5

Baltimore Mayoral candidates Bob Wallace, Shannon Wright, and Brandon Scott will soon find out who will be the next mayor of the city. While there is no clear-cut winner at the moment, all three candidates are still working and presenting plans.

The three candidates have announced their take and plans on how to reduce crime in the city. All from different areas and places, but want to reach the same goal in different ways.  

We know that most of the violence in Baltimore is committed by a small group of people against another small group of people,” Scott said. “It’s a phenomenon known as group violence. …Cities across the country that have reduce their violent crime through a group reduction strategy, have done it because not only did they focus on it from a law enforcement point of view, but when people in a room full of killers raised their hand and said, ‘I want to change my life,’ they provide resources for them to do that. We will fully implement a focus to turn a group violence reduction strategy.

Wright wants to help bridge the community gap between the residents and police officers in the community. 

“We started to see statistics going the wrong way with regards to crime when we moved away from community policing,” said Wright. “So we’ve got to get back to that. In addition to the community policing, we also need to reintroduce bike patrols. …So we need to get back to community policing, so that we open that line of communication between the residences in the areas and the officers.”

Wallace seems to have a more straightforward approach when it comes to address what’s happening, and wanting to reduce the crime rate. 

“I’m walking up to young gang members who were standing on the street and I’m telling them,” said Wallace. “I’m going to be the next mayor, and when I do that, I’m going to come talk with you and I’m going to tell you that you’ve got to stop, and I’m going to help you stop. But if you don’t stop, then I’m going to apply the resources that we have to get you off the street and hold you accountable.”

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