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Neighborhood companions be part of forces to supply wi-fi web entry to households in want in South Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WJZ) – Connecting people online has never been more important.

Now community partners are trying to get more internet access to parts of the city in South Baltimore that need it.

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It's an internet desert in Brooklyn where many are not yet connected to the digital world. People often face difficult financial decisions that plague many neighborhoods affected by the Baltimore digital divide, such as: B. whether they want to eat or spend money on an internet connection.

The United Way of Central Maryland is working to change that after neighbors said the problem needs to be addressed.

"What we heard in Brooklyn / Curtis Bay was that connectivity was still a huge problem," said Heather Chapman, vice president of United Way Neighborhood Zones.

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That's why they partnered with, a local company that tries to help underserved communities get internet access.

After months of planning, they developed a project: 11 public WiFi antennas in Brooklyn and Curtis Bay to provide essential service to people who don't have it.

The first antenna will be placed on the roof of the nonprofit City of Refuge on 7th Street.

People within about a block and a half can access the WiFi, and the network will grow with each additional antenna installed in the coming months.

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