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Misconduct complaints in opposition to the Baltimore Police Division will fall in 2020

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Saturday 6th February 2021
Associated Press

Citizens' complaints against Baltimore police and false arrest incidents fell by more than 40% in 2020, a police officer said.

Authorities cite a smarter, less confrontational approach to enforcement and fewer public interactions during the ongoing pandemic for decline, The Baltimore Sun. reported.

Assistant Police Commissioner Danny Murphy, who oversees compliance with a federal consent decree, told the city council that the latest data shows significant progress in improving police accountability to the public and better policing.

“While we are seeing a decline in the use of force this year, we would like to be very careful when working with the monitors and the (Justice Department) while we are preparing an annual report on the use of force we should best consider how COVID accounted for this decrease in the use of force, ”Murphy said.

Murphy and Police Commissioner Michael Harrison admitted that more needs to be done, with Harrison seeing only minor improvements in the overwhelming number of murders.

Murphy's report to the city council on Wednesday came weeks after a federal judge overseeing police reform warned that the "warrior model" of policing in Baltimore must end and that residents after years of efforts to rebuild the damaged and corrupt section are positive Earn results.

After the Justice Department in Baltimore found widespread patterns of unconstitutional policing following Freddie Gray's death due to injuries in police custody, the agency and the city issued a decree approving police department reform.

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