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Maryland Election Watch: Baltimore Mayoral Race

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A big race to watch on Election Day here in Maryland is the Baltimore mayoral race.

Voters have been lined up at places across the city Tuesday to cast their ballots, including at Dempsey’s at Camden Yards.

WJZ spoke with all three candidates about why they should cast their ballots for them.


Brandon Scott, the Democratic candidate for mayor, dropped his ballot into a drop box Tuesday morning at Forest Park High School.

“This is where my mom graduated high school,” Scott said. “This is a big day for the city for me and my family as well.”

While the Independent candidate Bob Wallace voted in Cherry Hill.

“This school right behind me this is the middle school I went to many many years ago here in Cherry Hill,” Wallace said.

Both candidates showing their roots lie deep in Baltimore.

“I started here many years ago and I’m ending here,” Wallace added.

The third candidate Republican Pastor Shannon Wright said her platform is simple.

“Make our public schools work, make our streets safe and brings jobs into the city that you could actually raise a family on,” Wright said.

While Scott said his leadership experience is what sets him apart.

“You just have to remind people whose been here, whose been fighting for Baltimore city, whose lived in Baltimore city,” Scott said.

Wallace said it’s his expertise in business that makes him qualified.

“You gotta build the economy of the city,” Wallace said.

Now all three of them — Republican, Independent and Democrat — have only a few final hours to make one final push for mayor.

While Baltimore is known as a heavily Democratic city, both the Republican and Independent candidate believe their message of economic opportunity will resonate with Baltimoreans who want something new.

This is Michael Wells. He got to the polls at 6am (1 hr before they open) to be sure his vote was counted. He said he wanted to vote in person b/c he doesn’t trust any other way. He wanted to vote @Camden Yards b/c he’s afraid his ballot might be tampered w/ somewhere else. @wjz

— Annie Rose Ramos (@AnnieRoseNews) November 3, 2020

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