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Letters: Complicated political points require grownup discussions; Trump’s pandemic phenomenon; Sure, it’s time to transfer on | READER COMMENTARY – Baltimore Solar

A problem where science is settled but our politics is the “senator with a snowball” and a former president who said “climate change is a hoax invented by the Chinese.” Fox is acting like canceling the KeystoneXL pipeline is the end of the world. Did they act that way when the DVD replaced the VCR? Probably not because the VCR industry didn’t own congress. This company lost a project, it doesn’t mean people are unemployed. Doubtful that a large company only had one project. Seriously, we’re going to argue over transitioning from burning for energy to harnessing free clean energy? A ton of small business opportunities being missed because society clings to dinosaurs.  Don’t believe me, go to StartEngine.com and you’ll see innovative energy ideas that will require installers, designers, inspectors, laborers, etc etc.

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