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Safety Jayron Kearse was recently lifted from the Detroit Lions.

Many have been surprised by the move, due to Kearse's productivity and the potential to receive an offset selection, as the Vikings did last season.

"Don't see why they'd cut him now, as he could potentially bring in a late comp-pick – like MIN did when DET signed it," tweeted Logan Lamorandier, writer with SI All Lions, after Kearse's release.

A Wednesday report sheds light on the reasons Kearse was fired by interim coach Darrell Bevell.

According to the Detroit Free Press, "prior to losing the Lions to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last week, Kearse was in a team rule violation by leaving the team hotel without permission and being late for bed inspection.

"Kearse, who was late in last week's injury report, has not played against the Buccaneers because of these violations and would likely have been inactive against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday."

After visiting the Ravens on Wednesday, Kearse is now expected to sign with the AFC North Powerhouse.

"Ravens are expected to source Jayron Kearse into the practice group. He's visiting the team this week after #Lions released him on Monday. Kearse had 59 tackles in 11 games with Detroit," tweeted ESPN's Jeremy Fowler.

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