How will Payments fare within the AFC playoffs towards Baltimore Ravens? – Buffalo Information

Stopping the run was a top priority for the Bills defense last week, and the Colts rumbled for 163 yards and a touchdown to 30 carry, well above their average on-site production this season.

What will the ravens do?

Baltimore owns by far the top ranked rushing attack in the NFL (191.9 yards per game) and has only picked up steam. The last three games averaged 296.3 rushing yards. Lamar Jackson can score from anywhere on the field. Gus Edwards and J.K. Dobbins are both productive. And believe it or not, bad weather in Buffalo could actually favor the road team.

I'm going to pick the bills because Josh Allen and this offense should keep earning points, even against Baltimore's runner-up goal defense (18.9 points per game) and sixth place pass defense (221 yards per game). But I don't like this matchup at all. The calculations need a quick start to force the ravens into the air. Bills, 30-27.

The Ravens squealed into the playoffs and making the most of the postseason, and that should be a cause for concern for the Bills. The bills fended off an angry opponent. Now they get a second in the Ravens, which will pep up with the elimination of the Titans and a winning streak in six games at Orchard Park.

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