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There are a handful of players from the 2020 Ravens roster hired for his free agency this month. Some of them are valued more than others in the NFL, which will surely play a role in deciding which guys can bring Baltimore back.

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports compiled a list of the top 100 free agents in the market this off-season, and four Ravens performed: Matthew Judon, 33, Yannick Ngaouke, 39, Matt Skura (63) and Tyus Bowser ( 95). – in this order.

Judon was listed at number 33 on the list by Prisco, which is the tallest of the four players above. This makes sense, but perhaps a little surprising as Judon is not always a highly recognized name in national circles, and less so when compared to someone like Ngaouke.

Ngaouke is not far behind. Prisco was six places less than 39th best free agent in this ranking.

"He (Ngaouke) is a solid edge player but he only took 41 snaps in two playoff games." That concerns. He's not a great run player either. "Said Prisco.

This is an interesting perspective many people have regarding Ngaouke's future with the ravens. His pass-rushing ability is well documented, but there are some limitations to his game when it comes to being an all-round edge player. In the eyes of many, his 2020 term in Baltimore was rather overwhelming.

It will be interesting to see how the ravens control the value of Ngaouke after trading the draft capital to acquire it. Either way, having him in 39th place and a little lower than Judon seems like a fair estimate.

Perhaps, however, it would be a bigger surprise to see Matt Skura ranked 63rd on the ladder. This is what Prisco had to say about Skura:

“He was a reliable center for the Ravens for a couple of seasons, but then struggled with the shotgun snapshots last year and was put on a bench. For teams looking for a new center, it would make sense once it has overcome these issues. "

It's true that Skura has been solid at times during his Ravens tenure, but it's fair to question his ranking in these free agent rankings. Skura shares are definitely down after a bad 2020 campaign. Prisco points out that Skura could be useful for teams in need of a center if he leaves his problems behind.

Of course, this is a big "if" and one that needs to be factored into its market value.

The last Ravens player on Prisco's list is the third outside linebacker of the team's free agent trio – Tyus Bowser. Prisco ranks Bowser as the 95th best player in the free agent market, noting that he has "had an impressive season on reserve that could result in a starting job and a decent contract."

It's difficult to argue this point, but it's easy to say that maybe Bowser should be at the top of the list. Compared to Judon and Ngaouke, Bowser certainly doesn't have the résumé or the pedigree. However, given the potential and upward trend, the existing gap between the 90s and 30s on the Prisco list is likely to be narrower.

Prisco is right when he says that Bowser had an impressive 2020 season in a spare role, as he did in 2019 – albeit to a lesser extent.

What do you think of Prisco's attitude towards Judon, Ngaouke, Skura and Bowser? Do you agree that they are actually among the top 100 free agents out there? Do share your thoughts below and get in touch with any players you think you are submitting to.

The full article and list can be found here.

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