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Civic Works Leads Day Of Service In Baltimore On MLK Day

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — “The time is always right to do what’s right,” are the words from civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that were lived out Monday by volunteers in East Baltimore.

The local non-profit, Civic Works, came together Monday to remember Dr. King with a day of service.

“Well today, we’ve been folding clothes, ironing, unpacking clothes and hanging them up,” said volunteer Tyneisha Gibson.

From in-person to virtual, kids 16 to 24 years old were writing letters to seniors, sorting food in the pantry, to getting these AC unit covers out of this old parking lot.

“We understand in order to get from good to great, then it’s going to take the effort of community members, volunteers and young people collaborating and working together to get us there,” said Candice Clark, Education Director for YouthBuild Civil Works.

Over at Civic Works Youth Build, volunteers got their hands on a little bit of everything- food pantry, clothes closet, even a little bit of carpentry. You see the kitchen over my left shoulder here. It’s a day of service, a day on- not a day off on MLK Day.

When you tie it all together and the day is done, the work never stops. Baltimore never does. It’s constantly making a difference, differently.

During a normal, non-COVID year, there would be 500 volunteers

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