Carroll County Board of Schooling candidates reply questions forward of 2020 election – Baltimore Solar

DS: While I am a firm believer in the traditional model for education, with every crisis, you need to look for the silver lining. I believe that the virtual model for instruction does have a place in CCPS moving forward. Perhaps not quite as much with Special Education or elementary school students, although there may be some opportunities for specialized online resources and tools for our Special Education student population. But I think at the older ages, the virtual model and the utilization of technology, backed up by a strong instructional technology curriculum, could make for even more pathways for student success ― including access to additional world languages, AP and government classes, Career and Technology programs and certifications, Advanced Academic programs, and dual enrollment opportunities. It could also be used in very targeted ways, like access to tutoring and intervention resources, as well as coverage for snow days and sick days for students. Additionally, it could be used to provide services and support to homeschool families, thus attracting these families back to the public school system and resulting in higher overall funding.

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