Baltimore Ravens vs. Buffalo Payments within the AFC Divisional: 5 Daring Predictions – Ebony Chook

The Baltimore Ravens face their showdown with the Buffalo Bills for the AFC Divisional round of playoffs. Here are five bold predictions.

Lamar Jackson darkened the mark of the century as a passerby and runner and scored twice:

The Baltimore Ravens needed Lamar Jackson to play their best football against the Tennessee Titans a week ago, and eventually score the elusive first playoff win of his career. It didn't start well after a rough trap, but by the time Jackson settled down he was his usual electric self. Because of this new behavior, the Ravens were able to secure a win for the first time since the 2014 season and advance into the postseason.

If Baltimore is to move forward this week, he needs Jackson to avoid such early mistakes and take the game with his legs. No one can do this better than Jackson, and that's why I think he's going to have another good outing.

The Buffalo Bills defenses are far from the elite, but they're not bad either. Unfortunately, unless they are bad, they won't win this game. Jackson can easily frolic this Bills defense through the air and the ground. Buffalo's secondary school is scary, but coverage will collapse due to the lack of pass rush and some recipients who have learned how to improve with Jackson.

Look for "Action" Jackson to cut that air and ground defense and score a few touchdowns.

Baltimore lets the ball run at will, recording more than 200 yards:

Nobody knows how to stop the ravens running game and the bills won't find out how to do it this weekend. It's nothing personal against Buffalo or their defenses. You're just not enough to stop this runaway train that is the Baltimore running game.

Jackson will slide all over the field making life hell for the Bills defense, it's not hard to predict. From there, the ravens can use their hydra-like backfield to speed up the rest of the game. By J.K. Dobbins and Gus Edwards with love!

Between Jackson, Dobbins and Edwards, it's more than enough to break the will of the opposing defense. Throw some rogue stretcher at Mark Ingram and Justice Hill and it's just not fair.

Baltimore must get to the heart of the running game against Buffalo if they are to win this game. Don't think it over, Greg Roman. Just give it to your runners and let them work. If he does, the ravens will roll out on the ground for another 200 yard day.

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