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Baltimore Police Say They Have Observed Distinctive Similarities In Latest Robberies, Carjackings; Urge Residents To Be Alert

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Police in Baltimore say they have noticed several, distinctive similarities used in multiple robbery and carjacking incidents.

Police say multiple armed suspects are driving in two vehicles, typically following one another. The suspects will engage victims in one of four ways:

Multiple suspects exit from one or both sides of the vehicle
The suspects park in close proximity to their intended victim’s
One of the suspects vehicles will intentionally collide with the victim’s
The suspects will use both vehicle’s to block the victim’s path

The suspects have been described as, “multiple males armed with guns.”

The incidents have been reported across Baltimore City in residential areas.

Police are urging residents to stay alert and don’t be distracted by electronics.

Anyone with information should contact police immediately.

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