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Baltimore Metropolis system to open 44 colleges by mid-November


Wednesday, November 4, 2020
Associated Press

BALTIMORE (AP) — The Baltimore City school system will open 44 schools by mid-November to small groups of students having difficulty learning online, officials announced Monday. It’s the first school district in the Baltimore area that’s planning to bring some students back for classes five days a week.

The city’s first reopening for in-person instruction by teachers will allow some students at about one-quarter of the city’s schools, The Baltimore Sun reported.

The city’s plan coincided with the beginning of the second quarter, and will include students in prekindergarten, kindergarten, special education and those experiencing homelessness. The district also will bring back students who are showing up less than 20% of the time for online lessons.

Also, the system expects the return of some sixth and ninth graders — students transitioning to new schools — as well as students in career technology studies. such as studying to become an auto technician or a nursing assistant.

Families with children at the reopening schools can opt to attend the classes, but those who are enrolled in schools that remain closed will not have the in-person option. A limited number of special education school students will have the opportunity to attend any of the city’s four special education schools.

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