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Baltimore Metropolis Officers Approve $900Okay Settlement In Det. Sean Suiter Case

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A $900,000 settlement in the Detective Sean Suiter case was approved Wednesday during a Board of Estimates meeting.

Council President Brandon Scott approved the settlement agreement, which was filed under the Maryland’s Workers’ Compensation Act. The money will go to his widow Nicole Suiter and their minor daughter Zharia Suiter.

On November 15, 2017, Sean Suiter was investigating a triple murder case in the Harlem Park neighborhood of the city when police said Suiter got into a violent struggle with a suspect who then took Suiter’s own service weapon and fatally shot him.


A Nov. 2019 report by the Maryland State Police, which was looking into Sean Suiter’s death, concluded Suiter died by suicide. Baltimore police subsequently closed their investigation. But then Baltimore police later said the case was still open and Sean Suiter’s death was still an open homicide investigation.

Suiter’s widow told WJZ in 2019 she believed his death was an inside job.


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