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Baltimore Metropolis Inspector Common talks about shining a lightweight on wasted taxpayer cash

Baltimore City Inspector General talks about shining a light on wasted taxpayer money


Monday, September 21, 2020
William Carter, WBAL NewsRadio 1090 and FM 101.5

Isabel Cumming has been Baltimore City’s Inspector General since January 2018. In her interview today with C4 and Brian Nehman, Cumming said her office has pinpointed more than $4 million in taxpayer money being wasted since she took office.

When it comes to being an inspector general, and the purpose of the office, Cumming said the following, “Our mission is to be the people’s investigator. We follow the evidence in pursuit of truth, with an objective mind, without prejudice, and regardless of politics.”

Cumming also said that people in the city who were once anxious to report waste, fraud and abuse, are now helping her average 700 calls a year. This shows the trust she says that has been built between herself, her team, and the people of Baltimore.

She said that in 2018, $240,000 was identified regarding misuse of funds, and that the annual report shows $2,986 million was identified this year. She credits her team and the employees and citizens of Baltimore, saying “A lot of people know what was going on, they just didn’t know who to turn to.” Cumming also talks about the decision that she and her team will be taking over the ethics department.

When asked how bad off is the city when it comes to waste, fraud, and abuse, Cumming responded “I think it’s always been there, there’s no question. I think my office has been able to shed a light on it.”

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