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Baltimore is now releasing whether or not individuals vaccinated in opposition to COVID-19 regionally are residents of town or from different areas

BALTIMORE (WJZ) – Baltimore has started releasing data showing whether people receiving COVID-19 vaccines in locations around the city live in Baltimore, city guides said Friday.

The city's dashboard now shows whether people who have been vaccinated in Baltimore live in the city or in another county, said Health Commissioner Dr. Letitia Dzirasa during a press conference.

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As of Friday afternoon, the dashboard shows that just under 38% of people who received a first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine in the city were city dwellers. Almost 31% were from Baltimore County, 7% from Howard County, and roughly the same percentage from Anne Arundel County. Almost 3% come from abroad.


The announcement comes as city and state leaders have been arguing over the fairness of vaccine distribution over the past few days. The vaccination site at the Baltimore Convention Center has given vulnerable and underserved residents priority since a mass vaccination site opened near the M&T Bank Stadium.

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"My administration is committed to transparency and equity in the distribution of vaccines, and I'm glad we can provide our residents with an outlook on the timing of our vaccination centers, mobile clinics and allocations," said Brandon Scott, Mayor of Baltimore.

“This important information is critical to many as they plan the best way to get themselves and their loved ones vaccinated. We must continue to practice the mitigation efforts that have saved lives so far while we focus on vaccinating our most vulnerable residents, ”added the mayor.

Officials also announced vaccine distribution plans for next week. You can find more information on the latest plan here.

See below: Mayor Scott's full press conference:

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