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Baltimore County to cowl Uber journeys for residents in want needing to get to COVID-19 vaccination clinics – Yahoo Information

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The Queen: People who oppose the vaccine should think of others rather than themselves

The Queen has said that people who oppose the coronavirus vaccine "should think of other people rather than themselves". In her initial comments on the subject, Her Majesty said it was important that people were "protected" by the vaccine. Speaking to senior officials overseeing the delivery of the vaccine in all four UK countries, she said her own vaccination, which was carried out at Windsor Castle in January, was "very quick," adding, "It has at all not harmed. " She added, “When you have the vaccine you feel you are protected, which I think is very important. "And I think the other thing is that it's obviously difficult for people if they've never had a vaccine … but they should think about other people rather than themselves." Minority communities, of which only 72 percent are willing to get the stab. Nadhim Zahawi, UK minister for the use of Covid-19 vaccines, said the government rollout is fighting a "tsunami" of misinformation about vaccines. Royal sources said it was the queen's "passion" believed that everyone should participate in the program. Your comments have been described as an "incredibly important vote of confidence" in the campaign. They recall their decision in 1957 to announce that Prince Charles and Princess Anne had received the polio vaccine to counter public fears. The Queen also interfered in the Scottish independence debate, calling on her subjects to “think carefully” before voting in the 2014 referendum. The royal family has played an increasingly important role in publicizing the campaign and has returned to public engagements for the first time this year to visit vaccination centers and speak to NHS staff and volunteers. Older royals are said to be "very involved" with the program and aware of lower vaccine intake among ethnic minorities, a concern the Prince of Wales, Patron of the British Asian Trust, highlighted in a webinar last week. The Queen speaks in 2020:

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