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Baltimore County dad and mom collect to name for college reopening plans


Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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Several parents gathered in Baltimore County on Wednesday to request that public schools reopen for in-person learning.

Parents and children were at the Towson District courthouse with signs and chants requesting the plans for reopening.

“Virtual learning is not learning,” says Mary Taylor, the event’s organizer. “There are children failing, not thriving. They need to be back in school.”


The parents expressed frustration that there has been no plan from the county school system. They say the lack of a plan leaves them with no choice.

The Board of Education of Baltimore County met for several hours one week ago and determined that they were not convinced that its safe enough right now to head back to the classroom.

The school district released a statement after that meeting saying they will continue to work with families and staff on a safe reopening plan and families will have the option to remain virtual if they don’t want their student to come back for in-person learning.

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