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Bail Denied For Tiara Baker Accused Of Driving At Baltimore County Detective

TOWSON, Md. (WJZ) — A judge denied bail for Tiara Baker, the woman accused of driving at a Baltimore County Police detective who was trying to take her into custody.

Police said Baker, 22, evaded detectives trying to arrest her in Baltimore City on assault, robbery and theft charges, stemming from incidents in several jurisdictions. Her bail review hearing was Friday in Towson.

Baltimore County Police detectives were conducting surveillance Tuesday in Baltimore City, where Baker was seen walking out of a hotel and into a Honda Accord.

Detectives attempted to prevent Baker’s car from leaving, at which point she allegedly rammed the car into a police cruiser and then drove at a Baltimore County Police detective. That detective fired his gun and Baker fled the scene.

JUST IN: Judge denies bail for Tiara Baker. She’s Accused Of Attempting To Run Over Police Detective, Turns Herself In – CBS Baltimore ⁦@wjz⁩

— Avajoye Burnett (@AvajoyeWJZ) September 18, 2020

Baker’s attorney, Tony Garcia, acknowledged that there were warrants out for her arrest, but said his client was ambushed by unidentified Baltimore County Police detectives in unmarked cars, one of whom pointed a gun at her.

Garcia also said the detectives did not announce themselves, and that Baker feared for her life.

“We are shocked, we are amazed at the amazing array of lies and misconceptions that have led to this moment,” Garcia said.

“This officer opens fire. Four shots into the car. She never tried to hit him. We categorically deny that,” Garcia added.


In response, Baltimore County Police told WJZ they did identify themselves when they attempted the arrest, that lights on their cars were activated and that they were wearing vests with “police” written on them.

Garcia said Baker sustained injuries to her arm, chest and ear. He also said she is eight-months pregnant and that her 3-year-old daughter and 12-year-old brother were at the scene.

“I just didn’t want them to hurt my baby,” Baker said.

Garcia said he wishes detectives instead approached his client at her longtime Baltimore home.

“This is unjustified, uncalled for, ridiculous,” he said.

Baltimore County Police said detectives did not have body-worn cameras on because they are not required or issued to the robbery detective unit.

Police said Baker was arrested on five warrants.

Friday’s court appearance was on charges that were unrelated to Tuesday’s incident in Baltimore City.

The judge said she was concerned about the sheer number of cases against Baker, in more than one jurisdiction. Baker has also failed to show at court before, and was classified as “high risk”, so the judge denied bail.

In addition to being pregnant, Baker’s attorney said she also needs medical attention after being shot during Tuesday’s encounter with police.

“She’s going to deliver a baby where COVID is rampant in jail in less than 30 days. This about the anxiety and stress that is going to cause. Then once that baby is born, she’s going to stay in there as that baby is taken from her arms and delivered to someone else while she remains in there,” Garcia said.

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